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Great Gable Sphinx Ridge - Open Ascents

Advance Navigation

Navigation Course

Explore mountain terrain well away from paths. Learn what it takes to navigate mountain terrain and become fully independent thinking. Some previous experience is required.


Course highlights include:

  • Map orientation

  • Mountain features and way-marks

  • Planning routes away from paths

  • Navigation strategies for complex ground

  • Contouring & contour-only navigation

  • Compass skills & bearings

  • Relocation strategies in poor weather

  • Maps, scales and  grid references

  • Timing & pacing

Our courses run on a bespoke basis and run all throughout the year at whatever time and date suits you. You will be with an instructor or guide for this course which is mountain-based, reaching summits as we go.


Go Anywhere Exploring

2 Day - Lake District

Ratio 1:6

Suitablefor Beginners & upwards
Price £170pp 1:6 Ratio
See FAQ For Prices & More Info


All our itineraries are flexible and we pride ourselves on providing client lead learning. A typical Itinerary would be

Day 1

We would outline the course and set our main learning aims. We will look strategies & orientation away from marked paths, before setting our signs on some pacing and bearings.

Day 2

Our second day together is about stepping it up with more complex ground and taking into account some navigation strategies and just using the map contours to move around the mountains. If possible we incorporate some night time navigation too.

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