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Ben Macdui and Cairngorm - Open Ascents

Ben Macdui & Cairngorm

Scottish Guided Winter Walk

The second highest peak on the British Isles and home to the largest mountain plateau in Britain.


A different day to Ben Nevis as you will be up on the Cairngorm plateau for most of the day. With the strongest ever winds recorded in Britain (173mph) taken from the top of Cairngorm, an ascent of Ben Macdui or Cairngorm is a wild experience like none other you'll find.


We make our ascent from the Ski Centre outside Aviemore and have a wide range of route choices taking in some fantastic ridge-lines. The overall ascent can take up to six hours and is often at the mercy of the strong winds.


The Wide Open Space Feel

Total Ascent 1093m. Summit 1309m

Ratio 1:6

Suitable for Intermediate & upwards
Price £170 Per Day
See FAQ For Prices & More Info
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