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Open Ascents Rock Climbing

Complete Climber

Rock Climbing Course

Flexible dates. You choose!

Learn and consolidate all the skills you need to be a complete climber. Discover the world of lead climbing and be independent on the rock at the end of this course. No experience is required and over the 5 days we will identify your core skill-set and room for improvements. This is a very hands-on course so get ready for increased learning.

Course highlights include:

  • Equipment uses & techniques

  • Guidebook and route choices

  • Anchor & belay set ups

  • Rope-work and knots

  • Climbing movement & coaching

  • Abseiling

  • Rescues and problem solving

  • Judgement and problem prevention

  • Techniques for being a leader

  • Gear placement and limitations

Our courses run on a bespoke basis and run all throughout the year at whatever time and date suits you. You will be with an instructor as they get you ready for all your future challenges.


Those Who Want It All

5 Days - Lake District

Ratio 1:2

Suitable for Intermediate & upwards
Price £550pp 1:2
See FAQ For Prices & More Info


All our itineraries are flexible and we pride ourselves on providing client lead learning. A typical Itinerary would be

Day 1

We would outline the course and set our main learning aims. Look at the kit that we carry, why we carry it. We have a shake down on the crag and head out for some guided climbing introducing the basics of climbing.

Day 2

Our second day together is about consolidation of day one and introducing some leading skills, including placing gear and building belays.

Day 3

Day 3 is all about leading, we continue with our leading journey and get happy at leading in the multipitch world. We also introduce abseiling a vital tool to get off of a crag.

Day 4

This is our big mountain day. Your guide will be on hand to help and push you in the right direction as you choose and lead climb a mountain route with your partner

Day 5

We round the course off by filling in any gaps in your knowledge, this can range from simply a guided day out on harder routes, a problem solving day or a mountaineering scrambling rope work day. It's your chance to gain as much knowledge as possible.

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