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Pillar and Pillar Rock - Open Ascents

Pillar &

Pillar Rock Pisgah

Guided Walk

In the Ennerdale valley is the atmospheric mountain Pillar. Not one of the highest in the Lake District but one of the most inaccessible and wild. Rich in mountaineering history, Pillar can be attempted via Wasdale or Ennerdale.


With very few paths you will be travelling across some of the most wild landscapes in the Lake District as you ascend steeply to the magnificent summit. Along the way there are short scrambles to the summit of Pisgah on Pillar Rock, an impressive tower of volcanic rock dominating the landscape.


This walk is normally completed in just over five hours and due to the terrain and location we recommend some prior walking experience.


The Remote Mountain Feel

Total Ascent 1200m. Summit 892m

Ratio 1:6

Suitable for Intermediate & upwards
Price £170 Per Day
See FAQ For Prices & More Info
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