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Media Safety and Content with Open Ascents - Mountain Activity Specialists

Safety & Risk Analysis


Open Ascents specialises in providing mountain, water, remote and vertical safety services. We offer professional services for all sizes of TV, Film and Media platforms.  As well as rope and water rescue and first aid backup.

Our locations are as varied as the shoots we operate on but we specialise in The Lake District, Scotland and Wales. Open Ascents operate in all mountain environments across the year, at height and in remote hard to access areas.

Our services include;

  • Free Initial consultation & quotes

  • Risk assessment and operating procedures

  • Risk management consultancy

  • On & off site safety training

  • Stunt team training

  • Full on site safety cover

  • Technical rigging in exposed and hard to reach locations

  • Winter, snow ice and avalanche advice and safety

  • Rope rescue & first aid cover

  • Logistical support & communication specialist

  • strict adherence to privacy and NDA Agreements 

  • Water Rescue & safety back up

  • Drone & Aerial filming & consultation

Why Book With Us

Open Ascents a small independent company providing honest client focused services, maximum safety and unique privacy. Whilst still “getting the job done”

All our bookings have maximum privacy with exclusivity throughout. We believe in the old ways of doing things, personal and with an emphasis on service rather than self promotion, our clients are out primary focus.

Experts in mountainous environments we offer unique services whether it be rigging, performing rescues or providing risk consultancy we can cover all sizes of productions from planning through to operational, with all our staff experts and fully qualified for the locations we are working in.

Our staff team have extensive experience with logistics and communications, around helicopters and heavy machinery and use of radios and digital com’s. All at the same time fitting perfectly into the infrastructure and sticking strictly to privacy agreements and NDA’S.

All our bookings come straight into HQ and will be dealt with by the same face throughout the process. We offer flexible negotiations on all bookings as we aim to provide the right service to get your project over the line.

Your guides and instructors are local to British Isle and specialise in climbing and mountaineering techniques you will find all our guides and instructors are members of The Association of Mountaineering Instructors or The Mountain Training Association meaning you will be directly giving back to the community you will be operating in.

Examples of previous work

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